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  1. hey JP hope everything is well with you!
  2. I will catch up with you sometime!!!
  3. Hi JP! Everytime I come around you're not hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. Hi John! Dropping by to say Hello! Great avy you have of Nick! I can't wait when the show returns in the fall!
  5. Missed you again!! The last 10 months have been pretty rough for me.
  6. Hey JP! I'm not around that often but, you've been MIA for a while there too! Hope you're doing well!
  7. Haven't heard from you in months........come back to us!!!!!!!
  8. Hey JP!

    Hope you're better!
  9. Hi I hope you're okay! Miss talking to you!
  10. Sorry I missed you today.
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