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  1. Haven't heard from you in a while, Rob.
  2. I'm doing fine. I certainly hope that everything goes well as far as your health
    is concerned. I'd send you a card, but you'll have to do with a Visitor "Get Well"
    Message instead. Take care of yourself. I'll catch you later, bye.
  3. not bad here ty just have to take it easy now a days got some news from heart doctor and he said there is a blockage so that means an angioplasty or the other. So far no new V news its pretty well dried up til it gets back to filming. how are you
  4. Anything new on the V front? How's life treating you, Rob?
  5. Sorry I zonked out on you last night. I was extremely tired from work, pool, and
    I had plenty to drink and had a nice buzz going on. Getting ready to eat some
    turkey. How about yourself? You guys from Canada celebrate T-Day? I'm
    not really knowledgable of Canadian holidays?
  6. I've been checking out your material...It's AWESOME!!!!! I always look forward
    to your posts and threads. A guy that I shoot pool with says that I can watch
    Episodes of V on I'm going to watch Episode #4 tomorrow.
  7. How's it going, Supe? Any cool V news to share? I like your Visitor Alphabet Thread.
    You have a gift...
  8. Absolutely, friends is good. I'll catch up after Smallville. See you in an hour. Bye.
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