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  1. Thank you babe. I do ask though if we can get close up gifs of the harvests kiss and ambush kiss. Just one more tiny requests.
  2. Thank you very much babe. I cant wait to see the harvests ones
  3. Also can i throw harvest kiss in there also.
  4. Hey babe if black and white is all you can do so be it. But your gifs look great.
  5. Not a problem. It should only take a few minutes each. Gifs are pretty easy. I've already pulled out my external HD
  6. I usually do them in black and white because of the size limit on k-site. I can see what I can do about color, but depending on the level of color in the scene, it may or may not work. Getting a gif down to 29.3kb can sometimes be a challenge.
  7. If the requests is to much let me know.
  8. Can you do the pandora kiss scene for me please and also the crossfire, crimison and salavation one. I would really apreicate it. And can it be in color.
  9. I made it. I make just about all of my avis. I have a few of Clois. If you have a scene request, I can probably do one for you.
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