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  1. thanks, this forum is fastly becoming my new obsession! i had to join up and voice my opinion on that episode! it was completely outrageous!
  2. First up a BIG WELCOME to K-Site! I'm just sorry you've signed up when so many people are so angry about the finale. Secondly I just wanted to say thanks for reading the review and sending me a message about it. I really appreciate it! And I'm glad it offered some insight. I've really enjoyed doing them and can only hope season nine might give us something to encourage me to do them again. Thanks again!!!
  3. Hi, I'm new to kryptonsite and what made me join up was the episode doomsday. I was completely in shock at how awful it was, the worst of it being the death of jimmy. I read all of your two page review and I thought it was amazing. You were completely right about everything and even cleared a few things up from the episode which I found hard to understand (because at times it was completely ridiculous). We can only hope the writers pull off a miracle and save season 9!
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