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  1. Hey Steve!! If you can start a new thread for us, I'll round-up some re-watchers. I'd do it, except I have no idea of how to make a poll. (I'm not sure if we really need one a poll anymore though)
  2. Hey Steve!! I totally understand that! I enjoy the re-watch the most anyway!!!
  3. Hey John-El.

    MAte, I'd really love to join, but I genuinely felt I let my Mafia team-mates down in the recently completed game. I don't have MSN access at work so I was unable to communicate with my fellow scum during the day, and I was too busy to regularly log on to K-site to participate in the Mafia thread. Jenny and Dylon in particular did a great job of playing their part and I felt I should have been able to help them far more than I was able to.

    I ended up regretting agreeing to Jeff imploring me to play. I would log on each evening here in Aus and all you States folk would be in bed, so I would then read through 30 pages to catch up on the lastest developments. It just didn't work, I'm afraid.

    So sorry, man, but I really am going to have to pass. k4j has also asked nicely but I had to politely decline. Sorry.
  4. Hey Steve!!! Why don't you join up in Smallvllie Mafia 4 ? It would be just like playin' on your home turf!!!
  5. Join in with us next week when we all watch Tempest and Vortex. The new thread is already up.
  6. The re-watch thread for "Nicodemus" and "Stray" is up!!!!
  7. I'm just in there now. I can't remember why role-claiming is legal.
  8. Hey Steve!! WE could use your help in the mafia thread!!
  9. I tell you J, I would much rather forum with my buds at K-site than do the grinding work I'm doing at the moment.
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