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  1. There are only about 149 black points left on the board. Looks like we'll only be able to get another 7 red villians.
  2. I sent Pali a message to join in. Snake and grandpa Luthor were just a couple of thugs.
  3. I think we got out of kilter again. It was whem Mrs.K posted 1 minute after me. Macy should be dead.
  4. I got it fixed.
  5. Hi again John. I checked that particular SV Villain post and it had an add but I forgot to bold it. It was a point to Richter Maddox.
  6. Hey Steve! Your add didn't show on your last post. You need to add 2 to make it right.
  7. Your up again!
  8. I now you're good to go!!!!
  9. I'd love to John but I really didn't do justice to the last Mafia game and my work load is still set to "killer". So I'll have to reluctantly decline.
  10. Hey Steve!!!! There is a new game starting soon.........Mafia All-Stars......we'd sure love to have you join in with us!!!!!!
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