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  1. i am the opposite atm, nothing seems to be boring me at all
  2. i was on that too but i get bored easily
  3. I am good, Anna and Costas have got me hooked on the Culture section on this site, and now i am posting like crazy
  4. hey bud, am ok how are you?
  5. Hi Ian, haven't spoken to you in a while, how have you been?
  6. nice so he is easily winning then. I have actually been going to bed early as well if you can class midnight as early
  7. higgins won 19-9

    i have been going to bed early the past few nights bud
  8. how is the snooker going?

    You have an early night, are my eyes deceiving me
  9. nothing really, i watched the snooker but i think i'll have an early night
  10. Yeah that is what i meant by warning, i really don't want to be banned again

    I am good, just doing the usual, so have you been up to much today?
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