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  1. I hope not, Ian. I really hope not.
  2. thank you im expecting to get banned since i challenged him and his authority
  3. That's true, but especially when you're a moderator you shouldn't blatantly show your bias like that. It discredits their authority IMO. Anyhow, great post.
  4. thank you i dont usually get angry on this site but vyperman pissed me off as its a clear violation of the rules and his authority, i know i havent been a saint on these forums but at least we regulars get warned about our posts
  5. You've got guts, Ian, and I didn't just say it here! Good for you!
  6. Not at all!! LOL!! I must be a fossil then!!
  7. you must think of me as like a pup on here
  8. I'm 39! I'll be the big 4"o" in December! Time flies!! I don't feel it though yet! I still love to be silly! I have 2 boys, 4 and 6, and I've been married since 2001. It's funny, because you see a lot of people from all different ages on this site. I think that's what makes it fun!
  9. how old are you michele?
  10. oh you would be surprised we have celebs here who wear them as trademarks
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