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  1. I got. I'm really slow to reply,lol I have several things to do.
    Have you seen the sneak preview of Chlollie? They are beautiful, so good. Can't wait.
  2. Hi Dani! Just to know if you received my pm that I send to you weeks ago, I did but you didnt answer me, so no idea lol xoxo
  3. Good you liked.
    I love this pic and the highlights. And as to this scene in particular, I also love the leg on the legs, showed comfort and intimacy. The whole scene is great. I loved it.
  4. oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, that last pic you sent to me, I always thought the same *as much I have some other curiosities that I think I can't write right here loooool* thank you for remember! *-* and yes I will reply when I can, so far many things on rl >.<
  5. Hey, Sil, no problem. When you have time you answer.
    And I didn't forget.... I wanna know what says " The Prophecy".
    I'm waiting...
  6. Daaaaaaaaaaaaani, I'll reply to you, the problem is. I'm not only so busy but I also have to delete some messeges to be able to sent new ones , so it'll take atime but I'll reply soon as can! DON'T WORRY!!

  7. Hey, Sil.
    My insights are a little crazy, but I have fun with them. Hope you liked.
  8. Hi Dani, you said to me you sent to me a DM on tumblr, I didnt read yet because I'm not going on tumblr in a long time, BUT hopefully soon I will see it,I really want to know your insights - mingle??? what? wow - hahaha abt that "doce". xoxo
  9. Thanks.
    I'm still a bit lost there. But it's funny.
  10. Hey friend.

    I don't know how post there!!!!!
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