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  1. I understand.Life isn't so easy...^ ^
    hope you can enjoy some relax soon and we can catch up soon

    and hey,do you know I've joined a fansub group in China and translated Smallville Season 10 for some Chinese SV fans by doing this I've learned more from other people in the group and enjoyed Smallville and Clois more~~~ha~~~
  2. I know Cals I'm sorry about. Until last month I was work from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and did not log onto k-site that much. But know I am working the day shift and try to log in from time to time. But we will chat soon.
  3. hi Cynd,long time no chat,I missed you
  4. me too,chatting with you is so great
    and now I can finally try to make a video...haven't touched these things for two months~~~
  5. I'm glad you are able finally able to relax. My summer is great, can't complain. I missed chatting with you too. I hope we can catch up soon.
  6. Hi CynD,wow really long time~I just finished a busy summer and finally can have some rest~...missed you.How's your summer?
  7. Hi Cal! Long time no speak. How are you?
  8. "Angry","crazy", clois spoilers? What in the world is going on?

    *Heads to spoiler thread*...
  9. fine,but a little angry and crazy about the new clois spoilers...
    thank you CynD,how about you?
  10. Hi Cal! How are you?
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