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  1. My day has been fantastic.
    How has your day been, Mrs. LLCK?
  2. Happy Easter!!! I noticed that your birthday is the exact same as my best
    friend's. It's also the exact same date as the last two season finales of
    Smallville. It's the little things...
  3. In my opinion, "Escape" has been the weakest episode of the season. My Saturday
    has been entertaining. I went to a pool tournament and didn't win any of the pot,
    but my last game was a Break and Run. I hung out over at by best friend's place
    and played a computer game that we enjoy. Tomorrow, My cousin, my best
    friend, and I are going to see "Clash of the Titans" in 3-D. Oh yea, I'm on Spring
    Break this week, but have a couple field trips to keep me busy. I drive a school
    bus for a living. It should be relatively painless. How are things on your end?
  4. Hello there, Glove. How has your Saturday been?? Did you enjoy all-new Smallville last night?? I know I did. Just wanted to touch base with you, see how your end of the world is doing.
  5. I'd love to discuss philosophy with you all night, but I'm going to retire to a
    rocking chair, an upcoming episode of Smallville, and an ice cold beer. I'll
    see you in the funny papers. This is the Glove signing out. Bye.
  6. You'll make plenty of mistakes and pile on regrets that could reach the moon
    before you know it. The best thing you can do is not worry about it and let it
    eat at you. Enjoy life above ground to the best of your abilities.
  7. Your starting to sound like someone that's in there 40s or 50s. Where would
    someone as young as yourself get such mature advice?
  8. You were looking at the bald guy in the orange robes? Just kidding. Ming usually
    makes my avatar, but for now, V takes center stage. Ming will be back in June.
    Thanks for the compliment.
  9. Yes I know exactly what you mean. By the way, you're pretty good looking yourself, those are great photos. And if I am allowed to say, you're quite handsome.
  10. It's actually quite fun filling an album. I've been working on mine since I
    became a member of K-Site. I've noticed that there aren't too many
    profiles with albums. It's a nice feature that is underused.
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