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  1. RYAN! Where are you and how are you doing
  2. The only one that I absolutely HAD to listen to twice was "Only the Young". The rest are okay
  3. I actually love it a lot! Well I am biased though haha, whats your favorite song? Mine are "Only the Young" and "Right Behind You"
  4. psst. i'm listening to it now. so far so good
  5. ahaha awesome! ooh the acoustic "when you were young" sounds good. cd release is coming up real soon!!
  6. Brandon's concert was amazing, his CD is going to be awesome! He did Losing Touch which was different and then he did his amazing acoustic version of When You Were Young...woohooo!!
  7. LOL Well he's married already but im not that creepy! Yup for his solo album, I am not sure but I think Ronnie did the drums on some songs so I hope he's there too! Yeah Sept. 14th I think
  8. OOOH really? You should be one of those people who hold up a "MARRY ME" sign ahaha! So will he be singing from his upcoming album or what? Cause from what I understand it comes out in Sept or something right?
  9. Guess who is going to see Brandon Flowers perform here in chicago....YUP THATS ME! He'll be here August 23rd
  10. LMAO!! No I am just part of the Killers fan club so I go on there and everything is posted ASAP
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