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  1. New fics up. Plus a new chapter in Buried Feelings in the Other Pairings & Combos
  2. couple new chapters up at Touch of Two
  3. New story up called Against The Rules
  4. lol... cute! really!
    but I am much tooo tierd to really care... Uggghhh... can you believe it... I finished work at 18:14 and got home at 19:45....
    I am totally dead... and I still need to do work and study... I am sooo tiered... *sinkintomybed* deeeeeaaaaaad!!!!
  5. totally disappointed right now.
  6. sorry jan... but I decided that until I finally get my three remaining friends prompts done... I won't read anything that isn't chloe/oliver (or chloe related)... yes yes... I know... sad....

    by the way... how are you?
  7. Howdy, chapter 5 of Touch of Two is up!
  8. Hey hon, I got a new fanfic and I hope you would like to read it and comment on it. It's called Touch of Two.
  9. -Adult Forum.

    So far there are three chapters, two of them I've written, the other is written by my friend Princess Lois.

    - Chapter 1 : Karimmy... which ends unpleasant.
    - Chapter 2 : Oliver/Zatanna (written by Princess Lois)
    - Chapter 3 : Clois

  10. What atory do you have up... and what pairing is it...
    I am always willing to read... just sometimes to lazzy to write a review... lol...
    well, kind of... anyway... give me give me link!
    arrggg... 01:43... need to sleep... but i expect the link in... *please*?
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