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  1. hey episode Bloodsport is now up!! Check it out when you can.
  2. hey man, i finished Gamer episode.
  3. hey man, i finished the Lobo episode.
  4. yeah
  5. oh you mean Patriot episode.
  6. no it will be with smallville's aquaman and how he became an ecoterrorist, and eventualy gets into the atlantis thing. I'm waiting to see what happens in his next episode though.
  7. that's good. I'm not that interested in Aquaman as a character but I love to read your series. Is going to be just like the unproduced pilot of Aquaman?
  8. I'm doing good, I've been reading your series still just haven't bothered to post a review. I like that you're bringing in Lobo. I've actually been thinking of making an Aquaman series, it would start before he met clark, and probably time skip after the first season to after they meet or something, then again inbetween seasons and midseasons untill it's caught up to where it's at now.
  9. hey how's it going? haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you doing okay.
  10. Season 2 Premier of Man of Steel is now posted!!!
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