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  1. Ooh where ooh where has my CynDLou gone!
  2. Hey Cindy! Where are you!?! I miss my Queen so much! How's life treating you! Patrick and I are doing great and I have to say no complaints! How is your King doing?
  3. My Princess!!! Long time no speak. How the heck are you? How's Prince Patrick? How's married life? Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Hello My Queen!

    It's really cool to hear from you! I hope things are great with you and the "King" I really miss talking to you and seeing you here!
  5. Princess! How are you? I saw your post on a fanfic thread and decided to leave you a message. I hope all is well and the Mr. is great. Hope to chat with you soon.
  6. My Queen!

    Great to hear from you!!!
  7. Wow! I typed you a very long post and the blasted thing did not post. I'll try again later. Sorry.
  8. I miss my Queen!

    I know you're schedule is very hectic right now and I just wanted to stop by and say hello and see how are things with you
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