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  1. I can't wait 2 see Jennifer's Body..... Can't wait 2 see u Kyle
  2. yay..... ur online!! awesome
  3. Sorry I didnt talk 2 u much.... Its just my friends were like talking 2 me and everything... When u get online send me a message soo we can talk!!
  4. I love the photos!!! Man i love him sooooo much!!!
  5. There are a couple more pics up,I'm still working on some more.
  6. I just hope he's not killed off in the very beggining,maybe towards the middle.
  7. God!!! She kills Kyle Gallner!!
  8. Damn that trailer was awesome!The movie looks great.I had no idea Megan Fox,Adam Brody,and Amanda Seyfried were in it.But I'm def checking it out for Kyle.
  9. OHH DAMN!!! Go to Youtube and put Kyle Gallner recent videos.... Put the Jennifer's Body trailer!!!
  10. Hey when u get online send me a visitor message!!
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