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  1. There are no words. You will be missed so so much, Jimbo. RIP great mate.
  2. I see David alreasdy changed the title!
  3. Happy New Year Skully!!!
  4. Cheers Jim. A nice 9,999th post from Pali to close things out.
  5. Thread closed!
  6. Will do!!!
  7. Hey Jim. Can you do me a favor, please Mr. Moderator. I've got a typo in the thread title of the latest rewatch thread. Can you please correct the spelling of Hereafter in the title. I left out the 2nd "e" accidentally.

    Cheers man.
  8. Yeah we close those down after 500 pages/10K posts.. I just made a new What is it game thread for you guys! I see 'Who Am I' is closing in on 500 pages, so I'll keep an eye on that one too..
  9. I became a mod in September.. I'm not in charge of any certian sections, they just told me to watch the places I usually go to.
  10. Thread deleted
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