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  1. Happy birthday - a day late! Hope it was a nice one.
  2. Not a problem. I wouldn't have been voting for that moment in this round, so no harm done as far as I am concerned.
  3. Hi MrsK. So sorry I missed your note. You are of course correct. At this stage I have added the missing no. 50th saved moment to Group A. Typically no. 50 has not received any votes in the previous 4 seasons in Round 2. But if you or John think you may have given it some votes then I can add it to a later Group. IMHO the Martha mugging moment probably wouldn't attract many votes, so I think I am safe in adding it late to Group A.
  4. Thanks for organizing the Favorite Moments elimination game. That is a huge job!
    Only 9 moments are listed in Group A; shouldn't there be 10? Probably still early enough in the round to add one more...
  5. More than happy to add it in, MrsK. Thanks for the input. Feel free to nominate any other moments I may have missed. I did rush S5 lists a little, given the speed at which we knocked over the S4 Moments.

    Also thanks on the screencap site update.
  6. And following up on the screencaps... Seasons 1-3, episodes 1-15 of S4, and parts of seasons 6 and 7 are now up at I think that is all that was at Screencap Paradise. And last I checked, Home of the Nutty was working again and had added S1 caps.
  7. Just now saw the birthday wishes - yes, mine was on the 22nd... Thanks!
  8. Interesting choice to leave out the Clana moment at the end of Mortal on the S5 list. I know you can't include everything, but that seems like a biggie...
  9. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday...
  10. Cheers MrsK. That's good news. Fingers crossed that the merger happens.
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