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  1. K kiddo... Im finally wearin down... I hope to hear from u soon... I still feel like we havent really had the chance to catch up. I mean we talk off and on but seems like we keep missin each other on the site. Maybe we will get a chance to talk on a night when neither of us are at work... Talk to ya soon(i hope)... Have a good weekend!... And as always it was great to hear from you!
  2. i think u misundersood wut i meant. i remember u saying people were having a hard time with you cuz your so young and their boss, thats all. im aware youre not old... hell im older than you are, so if youre old wut does that make me?... yeah my schdle is off too... its 5am here and im still up.. for the time being... bball is cool... im a fan of nba... but football rules me from sept to jan
  3. Working nights really screw up my sleeping pattern. When I am off on the weekends I can not sleep! I purposely stay awake during the day so that I can sleep at night and that doesn't help. Hey! Take that back I am not old! I'm only in my 20s. Well look on the bright side Russell at least it is only for the month of Sept. I'm only watch basketball (NBA) football not so much. The last NFL game I watched was the Superbowl two years ago.
  4. Hows that going.... Still having problems cuz of yur age.... Yaaa... Weekends.... I go to sun mon tues off in sept... Kinda sux for more into ncaa than pro
  5. Yes I am at work. Counting down T-minus 1 hour and 43 minutes until my weekend starts.
  6. You at wurk?
  7. Have we met before?
  8. No! You're it!
  9. Tell ya one thing.... You and i are gettin to be pros at playin a game of tag youre it!
  10. Hi Russell. Sorry I missed you yesterday while I was logged on. Hopefully we'll catch up soon.
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