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  1. Im sorry about writing so much.. I guess i had a lot to say about it. Anyways i would like to hear what you have to say about it, and your thoughts about charade. Talk to ya soon!
  2. I actually felt bad for him. Lois was awesome as usual. The last scene with bag.... Where she tells him that clark is it. That was wonderful. We've seen lois side of it, i would like to see clarks side now. Lois has bee putting it out there over and over... Clarkie needs to step it up. Overall not the best for me, but def not the worst. Now starts the countdown to charade! Ths is the one im most excited to see. From the stills it looks awesome! Cant frikken wait
  3. Ha, finally remembered the limit this time! Ya me!... Moving on...why did chloe so eagerly share info with tess about red k? Then to top it off she takes down lois? The writers really need to kill her off, i dont like her non moral justifications. Geting back to clark, wth was he doing takng zod to the fos? Then he tells chloe hes like a brother. Sometimes they make his character soo dumb its hard to know that hes superman. Bag/metallo.. This guy plays his role to perfection. I hope he comes back in some kinda hero role next season.
  4. Hello!... I was thinking of writing you yesterday, but i know your schd is busy and i didnt wanna bother you. First off im doing fine, a lil tired as usual but once my training is done next year my life will slow dowwn a lil so im looking forward to that. Hope everything is good with getting your wedding planned! Now... Upgrade.....the one and only clois scene... I loved it, but im really getting tired of all the interruptions. I know its part of the comics... But damnit everytime they get near its a phone call or a kandorian in trouble.... Wth?.wished we would have had an end scene with them. Im done ranting now. Overall i like the dark episodes its a nice change. Still i now officially hate chloe. And i didnt like clarks decisions very much
  5. Hi Russell! How are you? What are your thoughts on Upgrade?
  6. Damn! I keep forgetting about these letter restrictions... What i just erased wuz that im very excited for charade. Spoiler says that his dual id with lois will come to a head, so im excited to see how they pull it off. But more than likey theyll wait til last part of salvation... He will either tell her his secret or ily, then well have to wait alll summer for her answer.... Antwho, sorry bout both long messgs, i split time between phx/dal.. So i understand about a lack of time... No worries... Write when u can... Take care!
  7. Ya know i didnt watch checkmate. I was busy... And it takes me to be really busy to miss sv from what ive read about on the forum, a lot of people have not had good things to say about it. I did catch the last 15 or so mins of checkmate on you tube. Clarks rescue scene when he charges in to save chloe was pretty bad ass! I also like how olliver finally turned tess away at the end.... But since i missed most of the show i didnt get to see why he was soo upset with her. Now im curious whats going to happen to her character in the coming episodes. Not sure what to think of upgrade. With some of the spoilers we have been getting it seems like clark is gonna screw up on red krypt. Again. I hope it doesnt mess with clois, but i dont see how it wouldnt. Lois is gettiing frustrated with him and his dishonesty.... Or secrecy whichever sounds better to you.
  8. Sorry Russell you didn't scare me away. I just started a new job and I have been pressed for time. Sorry it took me so long to be back to you.

    (Continuing Escape discussion)-I agree with you Russell, Lois' conversation with the "Blur" was over the top. It felt as if Lois was desperately seeking a connection with the "Blur", and hello could could she not tell the difference between the Blur's modified voice and Zod's modified voice. Can you say plot hole. You are correct Russell Lois and Oliver's one-liners were hysterical. I particularly liked Oliver's, "There it is" after Lois started discussing his and Chloe's bedroom antics. I am with you, I hope Lois and Clark admit their love for one another before the final.

    What did you think about Checkmate? I thought it was poorly structured. The storyline did not flow properly. I did enjoy the return of Martian Manhunter though.
  9. Had to shorten the previous post... When i tried to send it, it was almost 1600 characters long and had to paraphrase it, which is probably good for your sake. I dont usually post soo much but it was nice to have an episode to talk about rather than speculation like weve had for the past month. Looking forward to hearing more from you bout this and other episodes to come!
  10. Hello cindy!.... Thought i scared you away. I completely agree with you about the history of the banshee. Although i feel its needed so that the viewer understands why she is the way she is,it felt very boring and drawn out. As a whole though i feel that the episode got better as i watched it more. I had two favorite quotes.... Lois's "twist" and ollivers "little jellies" and the awkward pause that followed that quote. I did find it amusing and informative about chloe and clark talking about controlling himself through his training with jor el. Just wished the writers would have shown it some throughout the season during one of his visits to fos. I agree with you that clois is almost to the point of sex and ilys. I think ilys may come before the salvation episode, and i pretty sure lois will find out either in charade or another episode about his dual ids.
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