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  1. Yaaaaa.... Talk ta me.. Im still soo frikken happy about the show
  3. Hi!!... I think i got it fixed now.. Ill be on here most of the day since i really have nothin goin on here in dallas... And im just as excited bout last nights show now as i was while i was watching it, still having trouble calming down! Will wait to hear from you
  4. No problem. Chat with you later in the a.m.
  5. Im having computer issues... Ill check back with you... Have a good nite
  6. Lets see the cliffies:lois knowing... First let me say im thrilled to death she knows... I thik theyll use her knowing but not telling him he knows as a triangle for next season.
    Oliver.. Not sure, but im sure he will return
    watchtower... I think itll be gone before mid season... Maybe theyll use the jla hq once its gone.
    Chlollie.... Gag
    tess... Its a good route for her, shes used up her purpose. So i hope she comes back as a harpie lookin thing
    clark... Dying is a no no... He pull out the dagger.. And maybe caught by m or hawkman
    kandorians... Good riddence... Played out its welcome
  7. Hang on for a minute... Ill reply to your coments
  8. Yes if Tom is still on as co-producer season 10 of Smallville will be awesome! It is sad that season 10 maybe the last season but I think 10 is a nice round number to end the show. Plus I do not think Tom will have the willingness to produce 2 shows. I think he wants to spread his wings. Sorry about the cliche saying.

    What did you think about the cliff hangers?

    1. Lois knowing Clark is The Blur
    2. Oliver disappearing and stating "Its not Kandorians" to Chloe shortly before he vanished
    3. Chloe still around as Watchtower
    4. The weird Chlollie ILYs
    5. Tess dying
    6. Clark possibly dying
    7. The Kandorians vamoosing
    8. The Granny that entered Tess' hospital room
  9. I know right... Im still excited over this episode some 5 hrs after it aired. Season 10 is gonna rock... It makes me sad to realize that this may be the final season and its too bad that the previous seasons couldnt have been written as well as this has been
  10. I know right! I liked the shout-outs to the flights, tights, the glasses, Perry, Jimmy, Ma Kent, all of it. I liked the Barn scene too. Clark was this close to saying ILY and aw Lois was willing to give up Kenya for Clark, how incredibly sweet. From the barn scene I thought Lois wanted Clark to admit what he knew about The Blue and Swann not that he loved her. That is how I took it. Yes that kiss went on for quite awhile. I loved it! How do some claim that Lois and Clark's kisses are not full of emotion and passion? I knew the writers/director would not pull the stupid "Lois does not recognize Clark's kiss" move. Not only did she recognize his kiss but also Clark's touch. The fight was awesome! From Clark upper-cutting Zod for hurting Lois to the non-powered fight. I can't wait for season 10.
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