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  1. Kal El, as an old Chlarker friend, I would like to invite you to a very special Chlark-centric holiday we're starting on Saturday, September 4th, called "Chlarkiday!" It's for all past and present Chlark shippers, romantic or friendship, to celebrate the Chlark relationship on Smallville! We'll have a posting blitz, and people are encouraged to bring whatever Chlark-related wallies, avatars, banners, links to music videos, Photoshop images, screencaps, and any other goodies they might have. Hope to see you then!
  2. Thank you! I will definitely head over and take a look at them soon. Have an awesome weekend!
  3. Hi

    I have posted a couple of vids in the vid section that heavily feature Chloe if you would like to take a look.

    Have a nice weekend
    Kal El
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