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  1. Wanna do war of the Heroes episodes again?
  2. Ehhhhh the final season toward the end kinda reminds of season 1 but the last episode has a cliffhanger so it made me mad haha
  3. Were you happy with how it ended? I hope they finish it good, so far I like it........
  4. Nice man! But ya like last week I finished the entire series.
  5. yes, I am already on season 3
  6. Youve been watching Heroes latly?
  7. Ready for war of the Heroes episodes?
  8. Alright sweet
  9. lol no worry.........donŽt need to wait for me......IŽll jump on the train
  10. Alright same. Im getting the 4 seasons for Chirstmas and im only in the middle of season 3 Just message me sometime and ill tell Brandon that youre ready.
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