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  1. Merry Christmas. I haven't talked to you in awhile. How are you doing?
  2. I have not watched Supernatural in a long time. I watched some of the first season and didn't like it that much. I've heard it has gotten better. Maybe I will check it out again.
  3. How can you not like Mafia? Nah I need to catch up because I missed a huge chunk of the episodes so I need to go back and start over, do you watch Supernatural? Also I'm anxiously waiting for Arrow to start in England, just over a week to go
  4. I'm doing well. I've never really been a mafia player. Have you been watching Fringe this season? It's very good.
  5. Hey Scott, yeah I'm good, you? I haven't been around much cause I've been furiously watching Supernatural and Merlin to get my rewatches finished for their respective new series, you should sign up to play Smallville Mafia!
  6. Hi Laura. I haven't seen you in Culture for awhile. How's it going?
  7. Hi Laura. Good to hear from you. What have you been up to?
  8. Yeah the Olympics should be fun for poor people who aren't used to our English weather That's cool, yeah I went to Miami for like a day cause I had to catch a boat from there to go on my holiday to Greece
  9. I've been seeing the rainy weather there at Wimbledon on TV. I'm thinking of going up to San Francisco to visit my brother sometime this summer. Have you ever been to the U.S. ?
  10. Nah not really....the weathers pretty bad still in England which sucks, one day it's warm and sunny the next it's windy and rainy, I went out for my annual family gathering though and that was fun, what about you?
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