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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, Lana.

    I agree that watching Lois and Clark is fun. I, too, have been rewatching the show this summer. I started watching a few episodes here and there to 'study' certain characters I was using for my fanfic, but I ended up watching the whole series all the way through.

    Don't be worried if you're too busy to finish as quickly as you'd like. I understand how busy school can be sometimes.

    I do have a sequel on the way soon. I'll give you a few details without spoiling the ending of the story you haven't finished. At least 2 villains from this story will return, and at least 2 new villains from Lois and Clark will appear. Also, Lois gets jealous when both Clark and Linda are nominated for a Kerth Award and Lois isn't nominated. You might remember the Lois and Clark episode 'Wall of Sound' where Clark was nominated for the Kerth Award, causing Lois to be jealous. This will be similar to what I'm doing. I might let you know more later.
  2. Hey Mike!

    I'm still catching up on your story! Of course, reading your stories makes me watch Lois and Clark even more than usual, so I can pick out the villains you're using. It's fun. I'm almost done reading...just a couple of chapters left!...but now that school started, I might get busier. (I hope not). Are you going to write any more soon? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
  3. Hi Mike!

    I'm almost through with reading your story! AWESOME JOB! Lois and Clark villains are so awesome....
  4. Hi Lana!

    I'm just stopping by to say I enjoyed the chapter of Fuse you posted today, and I'm also very glad you decided to read my story.

    Have a great day.
  5. Hmm... I left you a visitor message a couple days ago, but it isn't there now. I guess I'll leave you another one, letting you know what I said. Basically, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Alliance and how much I'm enjoying Fuse. It's too bad I don't remember exactly what I said because it was written a lot better than this message.
  6. Hi, Mike! Me again. You sent me a message on my profile page, and I replied back on it, but I'll sum myself up by saying this again: I'm really happy that you're keeping up with the stories, despite how busy you are. You deserve a metal or something. How about a smiley? (How about two smilies? ) Anyways, thank you SO MUCH for keeping up, and popping into my profile page to say hello!
  7. Hi Lana! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I'll take this opportunity to let you know I've still been keeping up with Alliance even though I haven't been able to leave any feedback lately. Since I'm not too busy right now, I think I'll head over to the Alliance thread and leave you some feedback right now.
  8. Hi Mike! Just dropping by to say hello!
  9. Hi, Lana! I notice you posted a new chapter of Alliance. I'm about to head over and read it. I'll leave you some feedback when I'm done.
  10. Hello!!!!!!!
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