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  1. They won 11-0 last night and 8-6 tonight
  2. sounds good to me...I guess
  3. CC did okay for a bit the other night, Texeira was quiet tonight.
  4. Pfft! How has CC and Texeria working out?

    I actually don't know
  5. Let's Go YANKEES!

  6. Yes you are!

    Ohh cool! I will look for sure. Thanks Jenn
  7. I'm too quick for ya!

    Hey I made a nice Chlark banner (posted in Chlark thread and my art thread) and an avi from the stills for this episode, if you feel so inclined to take a look
  8. Haha, someone got it I see
  9. Second place!

    *Pinches you*
  10. Yeah, it's a wonderful story. A story of survival and inderance. I was amazed to hear how the story ends. That sounds like fun! I like to head out to DC and check out all the sites.
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