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  1. LOL I knew that you and nic would see public enemies XD!! anyway I loved rabid!! can it get anymore cloiser?? seriously I was just blown away.. this is my favorite season ever!! hope you enjoyed it!!
  2. u should see rabid while more than a little happy how many chances like that will come by? u can always see the eppie sober the next day lmao

    well ill be at work but i found a site that lets me watching live online so ive been hosting live eppie chats on my board, the last two were great so i hope to have another tomorrow

    me and nic have seen public enemies like 4 times already! lol
  3. LOL * In LOis denial mode* NO way I īve missed you!! I īve been so busy around..LOL

    LOLI am glad to hear that about little Nicolas!! I donīt know if I am going to watch it live because I have a birthday party , so I will problably get the eppie when I came home.. I only hope not to take a "cross country trip" and be sober while watching Rabid LOL I have to admit that watching zombified Clois while being a little *happy* could be a lifechanging experience LOL

    The other day I saw Superman/Batman Public enemies ( the animated movie) and I remembered you liked those cartoons!! And I enjoyed the movie a lot although thereīisnīt much clois in it.. you should let nick see it Lol
  4. "wow you musta really missed me" lol

    ive benn good and nicolas contiunes to grow without my consent

    im ready for rabid! are you watching it live?
  5. Hi Josh Honey!! How are you? I am fine actually I was catching up with SV Spoilers and that stuff!! How is little Nick? have you seen the preview clip for Rabid? I canīt wait :P
    * gives a hug to Josh*
  6. hola como estas?
  7. oh my with a combo like that something is bound to explode lol

    gnight my bella journalist ;]
  8. LMAO

    Thatīs like put nitroglicerine and peroxid alltoghether ( I have no idea if this is the right combination LOL)

    You know, with the summer hiatus,and the lack of spoilers, I thought the thread needed some fun around, I can totally picture you spoonfeeding all the ladies around

    Going to bed charming Josh!! have a good sleep and enjoy your red K

  9. but i already act like im on RedK..

    this could be bad... lol
  10. SHH!! * whispers* Itīs a ring with red kryptonite...but donīt tell the CLU members!..
    I stole a piece of it for you.. they could get very upset..LOL we are supposed to use it only on CLois but I thought, WTH, give some to the Captain.. whatīs the worse it could happen? LMAO..
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