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  1. I thought you'd be sleeping right now.
  2. Your avatar is cute.
  3. Great. See you then.
  4. Sure. So far I'm rostered on for 5.30 on Sunday, so that should work for me.
  5. I was wondering if we could chat Saturday instead of Friday. Steve is going to a concert which means I'll be alone.
  6. Hi, I'm on Skype now. I just had to call my landlord. My lock broke on my front door and I don't have a key for the back door.
  7. Your birthday card arrived today. Thank you for my little pressie. Hope you got my email about Saturday and hopefully we can do Sunday.

    I'll be clocking up about 30 hours this week. More moneee teehee! All good. I'll be able to put some aside for savings!
  8. Well, that gives me something to look forward to

    BTW - did you go and see Avengers? I went to see it today. First time I've been to the movies in about a year.
  9. Something funny happened on the ride home last night, but I won't say what it is until we're on Skype. I want to see the expression on your face when I tell you. If you don't , then I'll be really disappointed.
  10. We were rolling our eyes while watching this week's episode of The Flash. I won't say why, but think Smallville.
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