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  1. I don't watch Gotham. Not really interested. The Flash is good potential to be great. i love Arrow especially the new season. their lining things up nicely.
  2. I haven't seen it to be honest. I haven't even watched a whole episode of Arrow and not any of Gotham. What are your thoughts on all of those?
  3. How you feel about the Flash series?
  4. Cool. You may or may not like some aspects of Continuity, the final 'episode'. Real rolller coaster. A surprise or two in there, some loose ends tied up even with Batman...Yeah I heard Bryan wanted to use Stephanie aka his Batgirl, but DC said no. Yeah I never got that either. I guess we shall see. lol yeah let's never speak of it again
  5. I got into the series. I have the first two volumes paperback. Read up all the way to Lantern. Parts of Chaos. I still don't like Barbara as Nightwing. It really irks me. Ben Affleck as Batman I got over it. Actually have faith in him after remember how great he was in Hollywoodland. Man of Steel I don't even speak on it no more.
  6. I hear ya. Did get interested in the Smallville comic in the end? There is one digital comic left. Pretty good overall, but some things I would change. Still can't get my head around Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel...though I can't get my head around what they were thinking with the first Man of Steel movie .
  7. about the same. Just working. and trying to live. I don't really be on here that much either.
  8. It's going okay. Been busy with work and trying to some courses on the side. Feel like I don't have much time for this place these days. How about you?
  9. Hey how's it going man? Been awhile, hope all is well with you.
  10. what up david? I know your busy but i would love to hear what you think of the rest of the season of the dark knight.
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