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  1. Hey Jenn! Long time, no see!! I hope everything's going good for you!!
  2. Hey Jenn!! Sorry this is late, but I hope you had a great Christmas and a great New Years!!
  3. Cool!!! Will you be going to any playoff games?
  4. Oh yeah I went last year! I'm going again in a few weeks
  5. Hey Jenn!! Have you been to the new Yankees stadium yet?
  6. I love the avi!!! That movie is on AMC tonight!!!!!!
  7. Did you make it to the Yankees victory parade??
  8. Haha, we'll see. Maybe if they start winning.
  9. Perfect timing with the finale coming up tomorrow!! I have a feeling I'll be seeing another Yankees related avatar from you though
  10. Thanks! It took a while to get it right but I finally got it. I wanted to do just something Supes for once.
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