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  1. Hi, Valerie! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my friend! See you around the boards!
  2. Just letting you know, Valerie, that the very last Chlarkademy Award was posted in the Chlark thread, if you care to view it.
  3. I went ahead and opened this coming Friday's re-watch thread EARLY this time. Come sign up for when you want to watch "Hug" and "Leech" if you are able to do so!
  4. The new Re-Watchers Club thread for tomorrow's viewing it up and running! Check it out!
  5. Hey, Smallville Re-Watchers Club friend! Be sure to vote in the poll for when you're planning to re-watch "Hothead" & "X-Ray" this weekend! Just visit the thread below. Thanks!
  6. Hey, Valerie -- just dropping by with a reminder that we are re-watching the Pilot and Metamorphosis tonight. There are two groups watching tonight -- one from 7-9, and the other from 10-12 CST. There are groups watching on Saturday and Sunday, too. Check out the Pilot/Metamorphosis Re-Watch thread in the Episodes forum and then the Season 1 Subforum to join in all the festivities. Looking forward to celebrating with you!
  7. Sure thing, Valerie! I would be more than happy to! We'll be starting next week with the first half of Season 1. Stay tuned for more updates from your friendly neighborhood Chlarky Emperor, Chlark Sidious (a.k.a. me)!
  8. Hey Jeff!

    Will you VM me when the Chlark Appreciation Celebration Weeks begins?

    Thank you sooo much,
  9. Awww, thank you, Valerie! I really appreciate that! I'll head there to check out your comment...
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