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  1. yeah its got the new car smell sort of a vibe lol
  2. Chloe* lmao
  3. aww. thats sweet. *huggles* but still... im happy in the Chole/Oliver Thread lol
  4. not by me! -hugs- lol
  5. uhuh. some people ruin it for the rest of the bunch.. reading those posts give me a headache. so i quite. its much easier just not to post. and my posts are always over looked anywho lol
  6. yeah i understand.. cause of some people
  7. i dont feel comfortable in that thread. its so negative.. well most of the time.
  8. y? lol
  9. hmm. i noticed. i stopped posting in the clois thread. lol
  10. yes i do post in the chlollie thread lol
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