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  1. ive been seeing anger for the past 5 and a half hours lol
  2. there is no way to fix this

    they just put a bullet to the head of the show
  3. How are they going to fix this heap? God I missed Lois tonight.
  4. Okay....just finished the finale here....I just want to SCREAM!!!!
  5. baked goods ey?

    -breaks out a bag of clois cookies and clois wine-

    lets get started
  6. hey josh...i am in serious clois withdrawal. i can't believe power is on tonight. i am so depressed. i am thinking baked goods will be very important.
  7. hey stranger how goes it?
  8. yes we have been trying to keep the optimism especially with the news that infamous was pushed back =[
  9. Hola...all is good, just a little tooo busy...i am totally missing my clois friends! I hope you are well, I am catching up and it looks like a little optimism is spreading. Love that good feeling!
  10. hola! how have you been?
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