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  1. Hi Rosa! That was a great finale. Perfect ending too!
  2. OMG !! The finale was amazing ! I was crying at the end !
  3. Hi Rosa! Can you believe it? The final episode. I'm sad.
  4. Hi Randy ..I'll be crying this friday .Hope you're ok !
  5. Hi Rosa, I'm good, how are you? I had even lost my login info for here, and had to have it emailed to me. lol!
  6. I know! I'm addicted to Facebook. That's why I'm never here anymore. Lol! Ann & Rose are going to be here @ my house, watching the Smallville/Supernatural premieres with me tomorrow night. How cool is that?
  7. Hi Randy ! My facebook is messing up too ..That's where I am all the time ..Addicted to Farmville Can't wait till tomorrow night .Hope you are doin ok .
  8. Can't wait to watch Smallville tonight !It's gonna be awesome !!
  9. Hey Rosa! I'm good, how have you been?
    Are you excited for the return of Smallville Friday night?
  10. Hey Randy ! Hope you are doin ok !
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