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  1. Talk to ya later!
  2. ahh i know!!
    Well it was nice meeting you and chatting with you but i gotta go to bed!! Goodnight!!
  3. aww dude you missed out on the 80s by one day, Lol.
  4. hahah i know!!
    hey i just noticed, you're a year older than me!! I'm born Jan 1st 90!!
  5. Lol its okay you have a life too i just dont log on too much Lol
  6. hahah its okay!! You have a life, unlike me!
  7. Hey! I just read your from like three months ago Lol, sorry it took so long to reply.
  8. Hey Thanks.. You're Megans brother right? I hope you are because if not i just embarrassed myself BIG TIME!! heehee!!
    but anyways, I'm Kaitlynne (kate, if you'd like) *reaches out hand* nice to meet you, hands a piece of pie!
  9. Yo! I accepted your friend invite Zig!
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