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  1. Got ya, will do and I'm posting the first chapter of the second segment now!
  2. yeah, no need to ask Also, even if it had some spoilers a warning on the chapter is just fine, so people could know where they are getting into and not get any unwanted surprise lol
  3. Believe me, none of the second segment has any spoilers in it from this season It's basically my own insights of what "could" happen in 8 years. Am I all good to go now?
  4. yeah, it's ok. Some people ask when their story have some stuff that might be considered spoilers or because the rate. Don't know, that kind of stuff. But it's not very common.
  5. Yeah I do. I've read a few fan fictions that have a few installments for a GREAT big story I just had to ask first, ya know...
  6. I guess? You have a thread at the fanfiction forum already right? I don't know lol if you want to.
  7. Awesome It's pretty funny, the bantering that goes on between the girls So can I post up the second segment of the 8-years later part of it?
  8. It sounds good It's posted on the site? maybe I'll give it a try later.
  9. Yeah it's my story called "Ties That Twins Bind" I'm just working on the segments for the 8-years later part of the story, which I hope I can post it separately? It's just a two-parter fan fiction It's like a second installment of Clark and Lois, 8 years later, with these two girls. who are twins that get themselves into funny troubles
  10. wow 33 chapter? really long indeed it's Smallville related I assume? been a while since I read anything about the show.I'm still watching of course but I haven't been around fiction or haven't made any icons either. I really want to make some for Homecoming though.
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