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  1. I see you Havent seen you on here for a while. welcome back homie.
  2. Happy Birthday Old Timer. Now tell those kids to get off your lawn
  3. the last son of krypton has returned glad to see you back. we all need to start goofing around like we used to. i miss those days lol.
    whats up man? you looking forward to new smallville and supernatural tommorow?
    is facebook dead for you?
  4. Hey Jeff!
  5. Hey
  6. hey man whats up? you going to be in the LOST thread live tonight?
  7. hey

  8. Hey Jeff, what's up!
  9. thats cool

    n/m just being bored nothing to do but watch tv lol.
  10. Hi Jeff. It's going okay.
    Just got back from eating at Outback with my parents.
    What's new with you?
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