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  1. Ok think is for the Moana Biography i creat the option Religion
  2. Sorry just one Question
    is whats the Moana Religion
    With my Gratitude
  3. nijah da silva and allan berdwin is the name of the raider hell angel motorycicle gang and the second the name of Mark ander lawyer
  4. I posted a pics in the thread Super and the Illum, of course is a joke a deleted after because apparently Sharleen of the texas group like jean reno and with my imagination .......

  5. im great fan of the invader and a insidious invasion on earth by aliens and for our mysterious lady i love Moana i hope see this adventure in sequelles one day hahaha
  6. Way before my time

    I'm working on the next chapter BTW and it will start with a little bit on our mystery lady
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