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  1. hey mick i see you have not been on for a while,i have taken the liberty of using one of your avi,s.i hope this is ok if not you let me know and i will remove it, no hard feelings.It is the one with Clark ripping his shirt off i don,t know if the mods will ask me to remove it so i will take the chance.I hope all is well Mick and as always i hope you are well and thank you.Take care...........Thomas!
  2. Need more info for your new Avatar - Sent a P.M.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Thomas
  4. Bravo,i love it Mick,you are getting very good at this LOL!.Clark using his heat vision to scribe my username pure genius.Thank you very much mate,you are a Legend.
  5. Nice!! Thanks.
  6. If i can improve it further i'll post it to you Thomas.
  7. Again Mick thank`s for the alteration,youre right it does make it look better.Still digging your avi`s,the one with the [S] rippiling in the wind was great.I am going to have a look at your album now............
  8. Thank you Mick,very good for a first go.I will use this avi.Your time and effort is appreciated as always mate........Take care.
  9. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the comments .
    Unfortunately i have no idea how to begin making animated avatars - Don't have any programs that can make them -i'm using Windows Vista at moment & don't think Ulead GIF animator works on vista so i can't make them.
    if you know of a (really) simple program that can would be happy to try.
  10. Hello Mick how are you? I was just looking at some of the new art on your page,love the Saviour one bye the way and the Superman one,awsome and i was wondering do you do moving avatars? You take care mate.........
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