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  1. Hi Mick!

    Where are you?
  2. Hi Mick!

    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you!
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Dotsie
  4. I have another Crow/Blur avatar i was gonna post in next additions Dotsie you may like that one, it's similar elements but different to the first.
    Or i'd be happy to customise as i did with Tibbit's.
  5. You're welcome Dotsie,
    i'm kinda late to the whole avatar thing
  6. hey Mick!

    I love my new avy! Thanks so much
  7. Thanks Dotsie ! i'll keep adding as i make em - kinda basic but it's a very limited free program i use
  8. Thanks for your comments Dotsie
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