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  1. Thanks. I messed up my friendship list, so I started again. Take your time on the Blur wallies.
  2. Hi tibbit, Sorry haven't done those Blur wallies you requested yet ,I will do them but been really busy with other things lately not been here much.
    But i haven't forgotten. You sent me another friend request so i accepted again
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Joanne
  4. No it's fine Joanne ,i cleared it with Aparna - i'm just pleased it was good enough to be used by people.
    It's on a few sites i never posted it to - i even found it on a french site as well
  5. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to use your manip.
  6. Nice avatar Joanne, & it's using my manip of the Blur minus it's original background check album in my profile.
  7. Well basically a story of revenge, redemption & Love. kinda dark & gritty but inspiring i think.
    Stunned you never heard of it.
  8. Now I get it! I've never seen "The Crow" before, but I have seen "The Birds" where crows were chasing after women. The Hitchcock movie. What is the Crow about?
  9. i meant "the Blur" one you're using now ... Based on the Crow
  10. Right now I'm using your Avi, so which Avi are you talking about?
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