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  1. I finally found a girl that could keep up with me! Life's been good since we started seeing each other last October. Kind of surprised my kids too..........she is only 10 years older than my oldest son. lol
  2. Hey John! I'm well just work and the usual... Looking forward to escaping winter for a summer holiday in the States! How are you??
  3. Been a long time Jada !!! How've you been ?
  4. John!! Happy New Year how have your holidays been??
  5. Still waiting for your return.............Miss Jada!!!
  6. Yeah we get Once Upon a Time... I haven't heard of Grimm though I see it in your avi! Are those your recommendations for new shows?? I've heard good reviews on Once upon a time!
  7. Do you get "Once Upon a Time" or "Grimm"????
  8. Very good! Weather has been crazy though i have to say! Its winter but the sun was out this morning and it looked like it was about to storm but the sun is back again so I have no idea what's going on! I've just been catching up on all the news about Saving Hope and I hear KK's in a new CW drama something about the beauty and the beast? haha
  9. Doing fine here! How are things Down Under???
  10. Hey John!! How are you??
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