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  1. LOL! All right then. Just harm done on Lois in this case. (She did lose two fans this season. Ha.)

    WORD to everything you said. For me, both Persuasion & Escape are totally cringe-worthy and not watchable as well.

    Nowadays every time when I see her with Clark, the sentence from your essay that I once quote for my review pops up like a big neon sign on my head that says, “I shouldn’t have to question my protagonist’s taste in women this late in the damn game.”

    They sure know how to ruin the icon(s) in this show. Oh well......
  2. Hello again! I only just realized that you responded to my take on Lois's costumes in the "Loved It? Hated It?" thread. So, no harm done! :-)

    Like you, Smallville's Lois has pretty much lost me these days. "Disciple" to "Escape" have just been increasingly awful for her character. She's been immature, neurotic, overly-cutesy, totally un-sexual, and totally unwatchable. Ugh. Who would want to date her?

    I think the PTB took the wrong direction with the character in order to stall things, and to not make Clark look too bad for not telling her his secret. They've been writing her as smitten and unsure when it comes to Clark, and now they're writing her as keeping secrets of her own.

    Mostly, like you, I just feel that Lois isn't worth my time these days. I'm indifferent. The end.
  3. Hi, Britas. I’m sorry, I know I told you that I’d be back to discuss Lois’s costume fetish thingy in the “Loved it? Hated it?” thread but like you (I saw you said this somewhere in the spoiler section), I’ve just lost interest in the character (on second thought, maybe that’s not what I thought you said. Lol ).

    This season, the writers established three “memorable” things for Lois.
    1. She loves Monster Truck rally.
    2. She loves maple donuts.
    3. She loves costumes for both business and private use.

    SVLois kinda lost me. (that’s why I keep saying – the screen time in SV is a curse, not a blessing!)

    That said, I might come back to talk about the things that I wanted to explore with you earlier. But for now, this character is not worth my time.
  4. I sent you my last mail.

    Good luck with your second story.
  5. I'm planning to start posting this Saturday.
  6. Just a quick question.

    When are you planning to post the story?
  7. Not a problem in the least. Take your time. Cheers!
  8. Sorry to keep you waiting but I need more time to articulate my thoughts.

    I'll send it to you tomorrow.
  9. Sorry, I was away from my computer for a while and my response took a little longer to write than I intended. My apologies. I've just PM-ed you.
  10. Britas? I'm still here. What will you say? Yes or no? (Re: Frustration)
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