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  1. Been so long Paula, I really hope your ok, come back if you can
  2. Hey Paula, we still haven't heard from you so I just want to say hope your ok! *hugs*
  3. Hey Paula are you out of hospital yet? hope your doing ok
  4. THanks love, will be in for a few days
  5. Sorry to hear that your in hospital Paula, I hope you make a full recovery! and yes hopefully the Chlollie goodies coming up with keep your spirits up! and chatting with us lovely ladies and K4J
  6. heehee Olivia and Connor, nice that would mean I'm Mrs Queen! OMG I love TB, mostly because I adore the books, I love Eric lol and yes! I really like Star Trek but I have to say so I love with the latest film, such a big Spock/Uhura shipper! thought that was a great twist from the original
  7. Georgia could be our spokestoddler for Chlollie! She could demand that tptb be nice to Chlollie or she won't wear green anymore heeheehee! Olivia has the name so she's one of the gang, she can play with Connor! I love the quote and will have to watch TB again, am watching the first Star Trek and the fifth movies which my sis bought me cos I'm collecting all the movies, only need three more!I got back into them cos of the newest one, that was so brilliant and it's so brill watching them again, so uplifting listening to the intro music!
  8. LOL Georgia is the one that suits the green, I should get her to start saying Chlollie lol my avi is Pam from True Blood, it was my fav line last week 'I dont know why people want to tell me their problems, maybe I smile too much or wear too much pink' lol she's a vampire.
  9. Aaaawwwwwwww your little one is sooooo cute! Hope Olivia is wearing lost of green and you're teaching her how to say 'Chlollie'! Heeheehee! I know it will take time but you could then record her and send it to tptb lol! I know, my avi is beautiful, is yours the one from CSI?
  10. Paula your avi is very distracting lol
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