KryptonSite/KSiteTV is a multi-fandom community that hosts discussions about Arrow, Supergirl, Smallville, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, The Originals, Gotham, The Flash, Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Superman movies and comics, superhero movies, and really, just about any TV series or other topic you'd feel like discussing.

In order to keep a civil atmosphere here, like any forum, we do have rules. Please don't be intimidated and if you have any questions about them, alert a moderator. Please be aware of these rules when posting here, especially before you start posting. Inability to comply with moderator warnings will get you banned. But hopefully - that doesn't keep you from having fun.

Our current roster of moderators includes: KSiteTV (site creator/admin), Atomic Girl, CallMeClark, Chiriru, Ginx, LovelyLoisLane, Mysticlies, Novak Fan, Number8, Randy G, SavingPeopleThing, Shadowlord367, STFanatic, Sugar, Superhippie2000, TW1977, Vergon6, and WickedJenn.

This (below) is the first major overhaul to the rules post in several years, but hopefully it'll be even easier to follow than what we had before. We know it's still long, though, and we'll work on shortening it. So... you ready? Here we go...


1) Do NOT link to other message boards, online communities, and unofficial websites (especially other fan sites on the same topics).

a) Posting links to other message boards or other online communities is NOT allowed without permission from the moderators. Please DO NOT mention, link to, or post information, including spoilers, from other unofficial web sites and message boards. Linking to official movie and show sites is permitted ("official" is a site approved and developed by the show/movie's production company). A good indicator that a link might not be okay to place is if the URL is replaced by asterisks. If that happens, DO NOT make the link. Continued or purposeful linking to unapproved sites will result in your account being banned, or at the very least a temporary banning. Additionally, as a general rule do not go overboard with links to Tumblr blogs.

b) Drama, flamewars, controversies and other events occurring on other message boards are NOT to be discussed on KryptonSite.

c) Linking to personal sites such as your fan fiction page, Twitter feed, Facebook profile, Tumblr page, or LiveJournal is permitted within the normal course of a discussion. Please DO NOT create a thread just to advertise your personal site. Please DO NOT post in a thread just to advertise your personal site.

d) If you are creating a thread with a link to a valid media source (ie, not a fan site, but a major media outlet), please make sure that the link is NOT the only part of the post. This is a DISCUSSION forum, and sending people off to read things somewhere else doesn't do that. If there's a link you like, mention it (but don't go overboard with links), but also TALK about whatever you read here, so others can talk about it too. If a post contains a link and nothing else, it may end up being deleted, so please don't do that.

e) Anyone caught using our private message system or our userbase in order to harass other members, or actively recruit members for their own online communities, message boards, or mailing lists will be banned without warning.

f) Please do not post promotional spoilers, official descriptions, or images from other fan sites or fan Tumblr/Twitter pages for shows covered here in the KSiteTV/KryptonSite network of sites, which include the shows covered at KSiteTV, GreenArrowTV, SHIELDsite, FlashTVNews, DCLegendsTV,, KryptonSite and GothamSite, unless it is a link to one of the connected sites. Posting from sources such as TVLine, TV Guide or Entertainment Weekly ARE okay; however, if there is ever any question, please contact a moderator. Additionally, for the shows we cover here at KSiteTV/the KryptonSite Network, do not post, link to, or mention official images prior to their being posted on the individual sites. We'd like to keep people in our community for the news whenever possible!

g) As a courtesy, please check the KSiteTV homepage (KSiteTV) BEFORE posting offsite links, even if it is to an approved source. If a news article is posted on the site, we'd like to keep the discussion on the site, especially as many outlets are all covering the same things. If it's Arrow, check GreenArrowTV; Flash, FlashTVNews; Legends of Tomorrow, DCLegendsTV; Heroes,; Supergirl, KryptonSite; Gotham, GothamSite; and for SHIELD, check if you can. Thanks!
2) Absolutely no profanity or explicit sexual references are allowed on KSiteTV. The sole exception is in those forums specifically marked for adults only. Please see the specific rules for the adult forums for details, however the following are a few guidelines:

a) All subject matter rated "R" or "NC-17" need to be posted in the adult only forums. Such subject matter includes graphic violence, repeated use of profanity, description of any sexual body parts or bodily functions, description of any sexual acts, explicit discussion of torture, rape, abuse, death, or use of drugs.

b) The board-wide language censor needs to remain in place, which means that censored words will probably still appear as asterisks when you type them out here. Bad language is not permitted.

c) The following subjects are disallowed outright here on KSiteTV in ALL FORUMS:
- Incest - sexual situations between family members
- Pedophilia - sexual situations between adults and minors
- Pedo-erotica - sexual situations between characters under the age of 16, even if they are both consensual
- Bestiality - sexual situations between humanoids and non-humanoids
- Links to other sites that contain the above topics

3) Threats or insinuations of violence are NOT permitted. We do not allow threats or insinuations of violence directed at anyone, including the actors and production teams of the shows/movies discussed on these boards, as well as posters or moderators on this site.

4) Since there are members on this board from a wide range of backgrounds, all posters must refrain from making comments that could ordinarily be construed as sexist, homophobic, ethnocentric, racist, or significantly demeaning to any individual or group on the basis of disability, age, political inclinations or religion. What is construed as demeaning or hateful is up to the ultimate discretion of the moderators.

5) Threads about politics are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. Threads regarding religion, sexual orientation, gender issues, ethnic/racial issues are allowed on a limited basis. Please get the approval from at least one of the moderators before opening such a thread, and post the moderatorís approval in the thread.

6) OUR SPOILER POLICY: Spoilers are references to anything that will happen in future episodes. Posting information about a future episode of any show outside of a spoiler forum is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Even if you think the information is "common knowledge," it is still considered a spoiler. Please keep ALL spoiler talk in the respective Spoiler forums and/or Spoiler threads ONLY! As a last resort, please use the spoiler tags when discussing spoilers in the main areas of the board.

7) THREE DAY RULE (NEW): Formerly known as the "One Week Rule" here, we ask that you please wait until at least three days from the time an episode first airs to use avatars from those episodes or talk about and post images from those episodes anywhere that is not the episodic thread. So, if an episode airs on a Friday, you can feel free to use imagery on Monday. This is to give people a few days to catch up with the show.

8) We do not allow the sale of ANY goods, nor distribution of goods on this board. However, some exceptions can be made if you contact KSiteTV (site admin).

9) Discussion of downloading or any similar copyright infringing activity is strictly prohibited. Do not post any references to DOWNLOADING ANYTHING on this message board. This includes discussion of finding downloads, watching episodes by downloading, software used for downloading or any sites that illegally stream copyrighted content. PLEASE do not request or share links to full streaming episodes on sites such as Youtube. This also applies to links to copyrighted scripts that may have leaked, that obviously a studio did not release intentionally. If you're sharing, posting, or even mentioning those things, you could get this site in trouble, so please don't do it. Any discussion of downloading will result in immediate closure of the infringing thread and banning without warning.

This might be the most frequently broken rule on this forum, and the ones we send the most warnings for. Here are some things to please remember to avoid:

- Do not create threads or discussions designed solely to insult other fans, such as threads about why people like one character more than another
- Insulting fans of a character, relationship, or differing viewpoint, including couched insults hidden behind jokes, sarcasm, silly banter, or Emoticons
- Psychoanalyzing other fans or posters views, which includes any remarks regarding another members frame of mind or sanity. At ABSOLUTELY NO time is it appropriate to tell another poster that they are in denial or delusional.
- Discussion of the KSiteTV boards
- Making generalizations regarding fandom as a whole without citing official sources (such as a poll or article)
- Name calling and other similarly offensive remarks. That includes calling other fans "haters."
- Abusive use of Emoticons, including couched insults hidden in Emoticons and overuse of Emoticons [No more than 5 Emoticons per post, no more than 1 Emoticon per paragraph]

- Do not flame or insult other fans.
This board is for the discussion of anything about the shows we cover, whether it is positive or negative. Please do not flame or insult any user, even if you disagree with their point of view. Statements such as "how can you all think this way" or "why does everybody hate," "if you don't like it stop watching" or "you're all just jealous" are prohibited. Everyone has a right to their opinions.

- Try not to use character nicknames with the intent of infuriating other fans. We trust you to use your own judgement on that, but don't take it too far.

- It goes without saying that trolling on this forum is not allowed, and will result in an immediate banning.

11) If your post was edited by a Moderator, DO NOT re-edit out the moderator's remarks.

12) Leave the moderating to the actual Moderators. DO NOT attempt to "put another poster in his/her place." If there is a troll in the forums or a problem poster, we prefer that you use the Report Post link or notify a Moderator. Please note that there are only so many Moderators, and some reported posts may take up to 24 hours to be taken care of. Please also refrain from "tag teaming" or recruiting other posters to report the same posts in hopes of getting it expedited; one report will suffice. Please do not abuse the Report Post function by reporting posts that do not visibly break the rules.

13) Please take all issues with a poster or moderator directly to the private message system. If you feel you need to discuss a matter with a particular moderator, please do so via PM. Please refrain from commenting (even agreeing) in a thread to a Moderator's warning as it does not add to the thread but to make it off topic. If you have any questions about the way the board is run or feel the need to argue a moderator's decision or a board rule or policy, please PM a Moderator instead of addressing it on the message board.

14) We do not allow multiple accounts or "sock puppets" on this board. Anyone found posting under more than one name is subject to being banned without warning - under both names, along with their entire IP range.

15) We cannot delete an account or change your user name. Such changes affect the flow of discussion, and make it difficult for us to keep up as well. There are over 50,000 users here - it's a lot to keep up with!

16) This is an English-only board. All posts must be written in English.

Guidelines For Starting a New Thread:
- Spell all names correctly in the subject line.
- Read through AT LEAST the last 3 pages of posts to make sure there isn't already a thread about your topic.
- Do not put in punctuation marks in the subject line
- Use proper spelling and capitalization in your posts.
- Capitalize all proper nouns and at least the first word in the subject line
- BE SURE that you post your thread in the proper forum or sub-forum. For example, a spoiler/speculation post, or a post about the current week's episode probably wouldn't go in the General Discussion thread. Likewise, a post about the history of Clark Kent's flannel shirts containing no spoilers would definitely not go in the Spoilers section.
- Make sure that new threads initiate a discussion. Don't create a thread just for venting.

18) NO FAN CAMPAIGN THREADS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. Links to "save our show" fan campaigns, petitions, or any fan-organized campaign is strictly not allowed here. Threads will be deleted and the posters will receive warnings.

19) NO "FAN CAMP" THREADS. A fan camp thread is when fans on the site set up a love or hate thread for a character or relationship for the sole purpose of gathering like-minded fans, and by implication, the exclusion of differently-minded fans. This board is here to facilitate discussions, not setting up warring camps between fans. If you start a thread like this, it'll either be closed or renamed to a more neutral topic.


a) Please DO NOT post large images on any forums. All large images should either be posted with URL tags that link to the photo or with IMG tags to a thumbnail size photo, which many image-posting services provide automatically. If your image hosting server does not provide thumbnail size for message boards then you must either reduce the size of the image yourself or only post a link to it.

b) Please do not hotlink any images from other sites, as this steals valuable bandwidth from other sites.

c) Please DO NOT post any images that contain another site's name or their watermark.

d) Please DO NOT post images of any private individual (for example, other posters on this forum) without their EXPRESS permission. Please carefully consider the decision to post your own personal image on this site, to post links to personal pictures of yourself, or to post any other personal information on this site.

21) Please respect the personal lives of the actors, producers, and other individuals involved in the production of the shows covered on this site. Because this forum discusses real human beings with real private lives PLEASE use judgment and respect in posting. Such topics that should be excluded involve the following:
- Personal relationships
- Family members
- Personal contact information, such as home address and phone number, unless it is public knowledge already
- Where you can meet an actor (unless it's in official capacity such as a signing or a con)
- How to best stalk an actor
- Blind items that you think might be about the actor(s)
- The personal lives of an actorís spouse or girl/boyfriend
- Speculation on an actor's sexual orientation that has not been made explicit and public by the actor him/herself
- Demeaning discussion regarding an actorís physical appearance and/or surgeries
- Other types of rumor-mongering


(22.1) You may post fanfic, fanfic challenges/ideas (if you don't like to write but want to see a certain story written), poems, songfics, comments about fanfic, round robins, and other fanfic related things. Don't post song lyrics, no matter how perfect they may be for the show, unless it is within a fanfic, or you have modified the lyrics to fit the show or something.

(a) Post all fanfic in the appropriate fanfic section on the board aka Smallville fanfic in the Smallville Fan Fiction sub-forum.

(b) All fanfics should be rated G to PG-13 or YOU MUST POST THEM IN THE ADULT SECTION.

(c) SLASH IS ALLOWED. That means that you may come across stories here that have same-sex romantic relationships between characters. Anyone caught flaming (insulting) the author, people who enjoy such stories, or homosexuality in general will be warned and possibly banned.

(d) While NC-17 stories are permitted in the adults only section, images depicting graphic sexual content (whether barely covered private parts or explicit sex acts) is not permitted, as the site may get in trouble if such images are found on the website.
(e) All characters in your story must be strictly fictional. Because the actors and production team of the show visit this board, for legal purposes we do not allow RPF (real-person fic) of ANY kind to be posted on this board. This includes inserting yourself, a real person, into the story.

(f)The following subjects are disallowed outright here on Kryptonsite in ALL FORUMS:

  • incest - sexual situations between family members
  • "chan" or pedophilia - sexual situations between adults and minors
  • pedo-erotica - sexual situations between characters under the age of 16, even if they are both consensual. This is still ILLEGAL to read in many countries, including Australia.
  • bestiality - sexual situations between humanoids and non-humanoids.!
  • links to other sites that contain the above topics.

(22.2) Be nice to each other. That means constructive criticism only. Criticize the work, not the author. Also keep in mind that there are different writing styles and levels here, as well as people who may not speak English as a first language. You are not required to be Shakespeare to post your work here.

(22.3) By posting fanfic here, you are saying that the fanfic (unless clearly noted) is WRITTEN BY YOU. If you are posting someone else's work you MUST have permission from the writer, and it must be noted in the body or subject line of the post. PLAGIARISTS WILL BE BANNED WITHOUT WARNING.

(22.4) All stories should include as the first part of their first post the following template:

Pairing: (if any)
Warnings (if needed):
Spoilers (when applicable):
Short summary:

(22.5) The subject of each thread should AT LEAST include "Story Title (Rating)". It can include more details like "Story Title (Rating, angst, drama, crossover)" but the title and the rating should be first to make it easier for people to find your stories.

(22.6) All stories MUST be rated in the template and in the subject line of the post.

(22.7) All ratings must be appropriate to the story. We follow the MPAA guidelines for rating stories. If you're not sure how to rate your story, check out these guidelines. There are gray areas, but any story found to be rated grossly inappropriately (example: rating it G when it's hardcore porn) will be *removed* and the user will be banned outright.

(22.8) All R and NC-17 fics must go in the Adult section, regardless of pairing or genre.

(22.9) You can post either the actual text of the story, or a link to another site where your story is linked. There is one exception illustrated below.

(22.10) Do NOT link to a story on another message board or website.

(22.11) You may only start a new thread for YOUR OWN stories. If you'd like to recommend someone else's story, please do so in the Story Recommendations thread tacked at the top of each forum instead.


(1) If you want feedback, let the readers know what you want, ie grammar help, characterization, dialogue, etc. If you just want comments, say that too.

(2) Run your fanfic through spell check.

(3) Write your fanfic offline in a word-processing application. Save it. Copy the entire text (control + A). Open up a "New Message." Title in the Subject line. Control + V (Paste) in the Comment field.

(4) If you are posting your story in installments, please post all your chapters to the same thread so latecomers don't have to hunt all over these boards for the earlier sections. There is an Edit function if you want to post the entire fic at the top of the thread as well.


*** NEW MEMBERS *** If you are a new member but cannot seem to post on the boards yet there are two possible reasons:

1) You have yet to validate your email address. Please check the email address you registered with to see if you have a message from KSiteTV. Remember to check your bulk mail too, as your email program might think it is spam. If you fail to find the message, please contact one of the board Administrators via PM or email. We can look up your user name and re-send the validation.

2) Please be aware that due to the number of posters on the board, and because we do not want to disturb the flow of the postings, we do not delete KSiteTV forum accounts. If you are not comfortable with this you should think twice before registering.

3) We do not allow multiple accounts for the same IP addresses, to prevent "sock puppets."


Thank you for taking the time to read this list of rules and we hope you have a good time here. If you, any questions regarding these rules, please either email or PM one of the moderators or administrators of the board. It may take us a couple of days to get back to you, but rest assured, we will do our best!