Glove & Friends

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Something to look at about Glove.
  1. Glove and his dear old mum dancing. 2009.
  2. Flamingos at the Akron Zoo. 2009.
  3. Giant turtles at the Akron Zoo. 2009.
  4. The Gorge in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 2009. 
This is the Glove's home town.
  5. Captain Glove winning big in 2007.
  6. Lions at the Akron Zoo. 2009.
  7. Mountaineer Casino in West Virginia. 2009. I 
probably won money on this horse.
  8. Glove doing what he does for fun. 2001.
  9. Her Majestys Glove.  Summer 2009.  I like my 
dry vadka martinis shaken, not stirred.
  10. Ming's #1 guy.  Klytus from Flash Gordon (1980).
  11. Glove and the Super Bus. 2009.
  12. B-mer's Billiards.  Glove shot pool at this location for 
over 20years.  Closed as of August 2009.  This was 
a very sad day.
  13. B-mer's workin' man.  Former owner of Glove's 
favorite pool hall.  As you can tell he worked 
very hard.  I should add that B-mer shot a 
  14. The Beast.  Glove's former favorite pool table at 
B-mer's Billiards.  The pockets were extra tight 
and deep for troopers like me.
  15. Someone that the Glove looks up to. 
Emperor Ming from Flash Gordon (1980).
  16. The future Mrs. Glove (Sienna Guillory) 
Resident Evil: Apocolypse
  17. Freddy Krueger with the Glove. 
A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  18. Glove and a friend, Penny, at Cedar Point. 
This was around 1999.
  19. Super Glove and a pool buddy Kevin. 
This was Halloween 2008.
  20. Glove with his brother Ryan and sister Liz. 
This was around 2007.
  21. Glove and his best friend Ken  
(When he had hair).  
This was around 1993.
  22. Glove's favorite past time. 
This was around 2005.
  23. Baby Glove. 1969, Dude!
  24. Glove.  This was 2008.
  25. Great Grandpa Glove and a friend, Kimberly, in the old west. 
This was around 2007.
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