Glove & Friends

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Something to look at about Glove.
  1. Gabby G is all smiles. 
One of the kids on my bus. 
Spring 2010.
  2. Vincent L in the Captain's Chair. 
One of the kids on my bus. 
Spring 2010.
  3. ABC's New V.  
Season One on DVD-Coming Fall 2010. 
Season Two-Returning in January 2011.
  4. Blimp Over Church. 2010.
  5. Glove, mom, and the Porkchop Express. 2010.
  6. Glove's Sister Liz the Easter Bunny.  Easter 2010.
  7. Glove at Mohican. 2007.
  8. Glove & Best Friend Ken at Mohican. 2007.
  9. Space Shuttle.  Retired in 2011 after 30 years of 
service.  One of Glove's personal interests.
  10. Glove at Mohican. 2007.
  11. Glove and Cuervo on top of things. 2010.
  12. Glove's pool buddy Kevin in the Lap of Luxury. 2010. 
Oh yea, that's Cuervo on top of things.
  13. Thanksgiving at Glove's in 2009. 
(From Left to Right) My brother's wife Megan, 
my brother Ryan, and my dear old mum.
  14. Super Glove with his sister Wonder Woman and brother 
Jason Vorhees.  Not every family is perfect.  Even we 
have a psycho in the family.  Halloween...
  15. Ronald St.  I found this street in Springfield, Oh.  This 
represents my first name.
  16. Paulus Dr.  I found this street in Kent, Oh.  This 
represents my last name.
  17. Blimp Hanger.  This is a couple blocks away from the bus 
terminal that I work at.  This thing is so big...I'm surprised 
it can't be seen from space...
  18. Judge Alvin Valkenheiser from the movie "Nothing But 
Trouble" (1991)  A face that only a mother could love.
  19. Jumpin' Glove!  2009.
  20. Blimp Over Head. 2009.
  21. Blimp Over Buses 2. 2009.
  22. Blimp over buses.  2009.
  23. Ernest Angley's Ministries and Rex Humbard's Tower in 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  This would include the Akron 
area branch of the television network CW....
  24. Glove and his best friend Ken in the universe hamming 
it up on the Meanstreak at Cedar Point. 2006.  It 
helped that the guys behind us joined in on...
  25. Glove and his best friend Ken making faces that could change the world on the Magnum at Cedar Point. 2006.
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