The Flash: Ten Things About Tonight’s Episode “Back To Normal” The Flash: Ten Things About Tonight’s Episode “Back To Normal”
Article previewing tonight's new episode of The Flash, titled "Back to Normal" The Flash: Ten Things About Tonight’s Episode “Back To Normal”

The Flash has a new episode airing tonight (April 26) at 8PM ET/PT on The CW, and continuing from the events of last week’s show, Barry Allen has lost his speed powers! Can Barry survive life with being “Back to Normal?” That’s what tonight’s show will cover.

We were able to see a screening of the episode at The CW yesterday, and we’re offering ten spoilery teases for you, the KSiteTV audience. Enjoy:

Flash Violett Beane#1. Violett Beane is back as Jesse Quick! This development should make a lot of people happy. Harrison Wells finally finds his daughter, and their reunion and what happens next drives a lot of the plot here. Jesse brings out something in “Harry” and it seems like all that has happened with her has made her a changed man. Tom Cavanagh’s greatness has never been in doubt, and whenever a different element is added to the mix – in this case Wells’ relationship with his daughter – it brings out more good material.

Also: I’d totally be down for seeing more of Jesse in one of the DC shows, producer people. Just saying. You know, if anyone wants to try the Titans again or something like that, and if this belleĀ  ever ends up living up to the “Quick” name… in any event, Violett is fantastic as Jesse and I’m glad to see her back. (Also note the picture next to this part of the article is from a previous episode and not tonight’s).

Flash#2. Wally West wants to thank his hero. In the Flash comic books, Wally West was introduced as a big fan of The Flash and Barry Allen “arranged a meeting.” Now, Wally knows that his father Joe knows The Flash, and he wants to thank him for saving his life more than once. A nice nod to the comic book history, at the very least.

Flash Back to Normal#3. Life in the slow lane. Barry’s used to speeding through life, and now he has to suffer through mundane things like standing in line for coffee like the rest of us. Poor Barry. In all seriousness, though, Grant Gustin does a good job of showing a Barry who still wants to do good despite the loss of power. It’s part of why we love Barry so much, right?

#4. Caitlin is abducted… and meets herself. Danielle Panabaker does double duty as Caitlin has been taken to Earth 2 and is brought face to face with Killer Frost. The two Caitlins are SO different from one another that it’s an interesting thing to see, and Panabaker shows a lot of range. Now the question might be: If Caitlin has seen what chilly things she is capable of, will that change her on our Earth? Assuming she makes it out alive.

Iris West#5. Not a lot of “WestAllen”… yet. Though I’m happy to see Iris is included among the decision makers of the team. It’s obvious Iris’ feelings about Barry are changing, and evolving, and that continues to be on display at least. But “shippers” might have to wait another few weeks to get more rewards. In any event, shipping-wise or not, I hope to see Candice Patton with more to do in the coming weeks.

#6. Hunter is not nice. It’s so weird, because Teddy Sears as Hunter as “Jay” seemed like such a nice guy, and this guy, while conflicted… is not. It’s also an interesting switch, because now the guy that Barry wanted to trust (Jay) kind of sucks, whereas Harrison Wells is doing the right things.

Flash vs. Griffin Grey#7. There’s powerless, and there’s wanting to be powerless. There’s also an interesting mix between Griffin Grey, this week’s baddie, and what Barry Allen is currently going through. Griffin seems determined to get rid of his power, whereas Barry would probably be much happier if his power came back. It goes to show that the particle accelerator accident affected different people in extremely different ways. (Though I would like to know: How did Griffin Grey know that Harrison Wells is alive? Isn’t he dead on Earth 1?)

Flash#8. There’s an action sequence that will remind you of Donkey Kong. And yet, Grodd does not appear in this episode.

#9. Someone proposes a surprising idea. And that’s all I’m saying, or all I’m allowed to say, there.

#10. We still won’t find out who the man in the iron mask is. Our money’s still on him being Wally, though the producers seem to imply that the identity will be surprising, so maybe not.

Ultimately, while tonight’s episode of The Flash isn’t as awesome as, say, the Earth 2 2-parter, it’s still an entertaining hour of one of the best comic book shows currently on TV. Check it out at 8PM on The CW. You’re all welcome to join the countdown for the episode on our forum and if you want to see a gallery of photos from “Back to Normal,” you can find them here!


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