FBI: Most Wanted Tonight: “Ironbound” & “Ride or Die” FBI: Most Wanted Tonight: “Ironbound” & “Ride or Die”
CBS descriptions and guest cast lists for the FBI: Most Wanted episodes "Ironbound" and "Ride or Die" airing April 14 FBI: Most Wanted Tonight: “Ironbound” & “Ride or Die”

CBS has two episodes of FBI: Most Wanted airing tonight (April 14) starting at 9PM PT/ET.

The first episode of the night is called “Ironbound,” and in it, after a small town police officer claims he’s the victim of a deep-rooted conspiracy and begins taking revenge on those he believes are responsible for his downfall, Jess and the team find he just might be right.

Then at 10PM ET/PT, in the episode “Ride or Die,” after a manipulative student commits murder in a fit of jealousy, the team races to capture her before she escapes across the border. Also, Jess teaches Tali how to stand up to bullies.

FBI: Most Wanted stars Julian McMahon (Jess LaCroix), Kellan Lutz (Kenny Crosby), Roxy Sternberg (Sheryll Barnes), Keisha Castle-Hughes (Hana Gibson), and Nathaniel Arcand (Clinton Skye). Yaya Gosselin recurs as Tali LaCroix.

Guest stars in “Ironbound” include Irene Bedard (Rose Skye), Tyler Ross (Gabriel Clark), Michael Rispoli (Ray Higgins), Glenn Fitzgerald (Lt. Mike Peroni), Vandit Bhatt (Atul), Robert M. Jimenez (Asac Raoul Toscana), Arielle Yoder (Elise Greer), Robert Neary (Frank Kubiak), Charlie Patterson (Ian Kubiak), Mitchell Cetuk (Jerry Reed), Allyson Kaye Daniel (Mariana), Upenda Morton (Officer Amy Campbell), Jonathan Kirkland (Officer Hearn), Guy Whitlock (Police Chief), Maggie Gough (Rachel Pine), Bruce-Robery Serafin (Ted Clark), Victor Rivera (Will), Katie Fissore (Mother), Grayson Eddey (Peroni Grandkid #1), Thea Eddey (Peroni Grandkid #2), David Emly (Man), and Dipa Anitia (Woman).

The guest cast for “Ride or Die” includes Irene Bedard (Marilou Skye), Ana Osorio (Connie), Ash Santos (Amber), Sasha Feldman (Jared), Ward Horton (Robbie Pierce), Monica Wyche (Alice Romano), Suni Reyes (Sonia Matos), Nicolette Gosselin (Zoe Matos), Christopher Shyer (George Locke), Julio Trinidad (Ernesto Cruz), Blake Price (Officer Tillman), Alexa Rhea Butler (Public Defender Calos), and Saiyam Kumar (Clerk).


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