USA Sets Falling Water Season 2 Premiere Date USA Sets Falling Water Season 2 Premiere Date
USA has set the premiere date for season two of psychological thriller Falling Water, as well as released a promo and seasonal key art. USA Sets Falling Water Season 2 Premiere Date

USA has set a premiere date for the second season of psychological thriller Falling Water. The series will be returning Saturday, January 6th at 10:00 after the first season aired on Thursdays last fall.

From the late Henry Brommell (Homeland) and Blake Masters (Brotherhood), with Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies) to showrun season two, Falling Water tells the story of three seemingly unconnected people who find themselves dreaming parts of the same dream. Whereas the first season followed Burton, Tess, and Taka as they found their way to one another and explored their connection, season two will find the three teaming up against an unknown entity that manipulates nightmares, bringing chaos and death into the waking world.

While Saturday isn’t exactly a highly trafficked night for scripted content, the decision to move Falling Water there likely has to do with the show’s renewal stemming not from on-air ratings but from a streaming deal with Amazon. In this television landscape, networks are finding more ways to monetize shows they own and USA likely didn’t want to take lower L+SD ratings in a high profile spot when Falling Water‘s fate depends on its streaming performance. There’s also precedent for USA making unusual deals to keep low-rated shows alive, as Playing House was able to survive three seasons (and two time slot downgrades) thanks to a deal USA made with Xfinity On Demand.

You can take a look at Falling Water season two’s key art, as well as the first promo, below.

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